About Us


Welcome to Get Glowing Skin & Spa.  We are located in beautiful Talega San Clemente, CA.  As you arrive at our peaceful, private and beautiful spa you will automatically feel relaxed by the tranquil environment which surrounds you.  Our goal is to create exceptional individual long term relationships with each and every client providing them with the very best in skin care and the most advanced treatments available today.  Combining our cutting edge result driven anti aging treatments with Eminence Organic and Biodanamic Skin Care, you as well as others will start to notice immediate results in the appearance of your skin.  Your skin will appear more clear, radiant, glowing and youthful.  You will leave your treatment refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.  


Eminence Organic Skin Care Products

 We are proud to offer our clients the very best in award winning #1 selling organic skin care today.  Carried by some of the top hotel, resorts and spas around the world Eminence Organics is the most unique, effective and professional line of natural, Organic and Biodynamic skin care products on the market today.  Eminence continues to use hand picked fresh ingredients to create products that contain potent, healing and beautifying properties to enhance the health and glow of your skin.   


Kyle Forbes Bio

Kyle Forbes, is a dedicated, professional, detailed and thorough esthetician with a purpose, to help both men and women with their skin care needs, enrich their lives by building on their confidence and working towards healthier, glowing and more youthful skin. She addresses the critical importance behind using the right products that nourish the skin along with the proper treatments needed.   Kyle educates her clients on their specific skin care needs and projects a long term goal on achieving a more beautiful complexion.  With each person that experiences her very detailed and scientific approach, you know the very moment her healing hands touch your skin your perception towards your skin care regiment will forever be changed enhancing your beauty and slowing down the aging process.  She believes we should all celebrate the skin we live in, the numerous facial techniques and treatments she can offer will enrich your lives and the way you see yourself awakening your truest light, glow and beauty for the value it adds to one’s self-esteem, confidence and appearance.  

Kyle feels her true calling is in the skincare and beauty industry, thus the “Get Glowing” Skin and Spa was opened in San Clemente, CA. April 2018.  What began as a true passion and appreciation in skincare in all its forms has focused her keen eye and experience on the use of effective products & treatments to maintain a more younger you. She has been engaged by the visible change, youthful look, and self-love it offers others, weaving a slice of beauty into your reflection. After a treatment from Kyle Forbes, you never look at yourself the same way and you will look forward to your future treatments with her.  The truest reflection speaks to each of us in a very personal way, echoing the true meaning in what it means to feel beautiful. Her interactions with her clients in San Clemente, CA over several years are what made her treatments so special and has added to the person she has become today.